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In 30 Days a Canva Star’ is so much fun and educational! I am half way through, but have already learned a lot and look forward to the next half.

Manya Kroon - Beautifulsoul.nl

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It has only been three days and I already have 24 new likes! That’s (almost) more than I gained in 2020.

I had my doubt on this course for a long time, however if I had known this….

Marc Verwilghen

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I am really enjoying the course: In 30 Days a Canva  Star! You learn in small steps how everything works. Perfectly tailored to me and doable at your own pace. Super instructive, fun and very inspiring. Anne, you are a rockstar!!!

Bianca de Heer

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21 reasons why Canva Pro is definitely worth your money

Canva Pro Worth

Canva is a very popular program that you can use for all your design needs as an entrepreneur. If you have recently discovered the free version of Canva or have used it for a while, you might be wondering whether the Pro version could be interesting. If you want to work quickly, efficiently, and affordably, the investment in Canva Pro is absolutely worth it. In this blog, I will explain all the extra features which are available in Canva Pro. What is Canva Pro? Canva Pro is the paid version of Canva: an online design program that lets you create anything you want. You can create social...

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50 Tips for Facebook content
50 Tips for Facebook content

50 Tips for Facebook content

It is impossible to imagine our daily lives without Facebook. Not only as an entrepreneur but also as an individual, you probably spend a lot of time on Facebook. You see so many different posts every day, and you see so many things go viral. But how do you make...

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