The 12 most valuable Instagram tips for entrepreneurs

The 12 most valuable Instagram tips for entrepreneurs

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It allows you to easily and quickly build a beautiful connection with your target audience. It offers you as a business owner a perfect opportunity to put yourself on the map and promote your product or service. Take advantage of these valuable Instagram tips to get even more visibility and sales.

1. Get good keywords in the right place

Before people can follow you on Instagram, of course, they have to find you first. Did you know that there are only two text fields that are included in the search results of this online platform? Those are your name and your username.

With your name, it’s smart to choose your company name or brand name. You have a maximum of 30 characters. See if you can also add an important keyword to it.  By adding this in the name field, you increase your chances of being found on that keyword in search.

In addition, make sure your username matches the name you use on other online platforms. This will ensure a piece of recognizability and better findability on Instagram.

2. Use all available features

Instagram allows you to share your content in different ways. This can be in a regular post, in a story or in a Reel.

A post is a regular post where you can add one (or more) images or a video (of up to 60 seconds) with text to your feed. In it you can tag people and use hashtags.

A story is a photo or video series that basically remains visible for 24 hours. Here you can also tag people and add hashtags, but you have even more interesting options. Think stickers and GIFs.

Read more about stories here:

Reels: The video format introduced in 2020 is a short, fast-moving video with a duration of 15-60 seconds.

Be smart and use all the options. This way you can easily reach all the people in your target audience in a way that suits them. Some people prefer to watch a video and others prefer to watch a message. By focusing on everything, you can maximize your reach.

3. Make sure you are visible every day

How often do you post on Instagram? For this platform, it is important to be visible often. Try to post something every day. The smartest thing is to share certain content in different forms. Think of a post, a story and preferably also a Reel.

Have no idea what to post something about? You can’t think of anything or you can create content about it. Authenticity and originality are important here. Read this blog with tips on how to do that:

4. Respond to current events and the seasons

As an entrepreneur, it is wise to respond to current events. Think about seasons or certain (holiday) days or special moments. Consider how your business can respond to spring, summer, Easter or Christmas (to name but a few).

Current events always do well in the feeds of online platforms: so also on Instagram. When doing so, also pay attention to the proper use of hashtags. By using appropriate topical hashtags, you can boost your content on Instagram.

Use as many variations of appropriate topical hashtags per post as possible and thus go for the greatest possible reach.

5. Share personal milestones and successes as well

As an entrepreneur, it can be quite exciting to share something personal or be in your photos yourself: especially if you are just starting out on this platform. My tip is to do this as much as possible, though. You are your business: people like to get to know the person behind a business.

In addition – besides business – you can also share personal successes and milestones with your followers. That way, they also get to know you better from another side and you build your bond of trust.

6. Post a story daily

Stories are widely viewed on Instagram: as an entrepreneur, be sure to take advantage of them. You can interact with your followers via a story: via polls or other questions that you can use via the sticker function.

Preferably post a fun story every day. For example, share a look behind the scenes or answer a frequently asked question. You can also spotlight your newest product or service or share a nice review. Make sure the content is always interesting for your target audience.

7. Take advantage of the popularity of Reels

Reels are and absolute must on Instagram. They are incredibly popular. The interesting thing about them is that posted Reels stay visible for a long time. They can be visible even weeks after posting.

It is definitely worthwhile for you as a business owner to use this interesting option for more visibility and for more followers. The nice thing is that you have all kinds of creative options to make your Reel even more attractive and eye-catching.

Have you already posted a Reel on Instagram? If not, be sure to read this blog and get started today:

Have no idea how to use a Reel for your business?  Then read this blog:

8. Provide beautiful story highlights

Stories are very well viewed on Instagram because they are not static like a regular photo. As you have read before, a story is only visible for 24 hours. Some stories you want to keep permanently visible.

You can solve this by making a highlight of your story. You can put your favorite stories on your profile and leave them there. This way, visitors can quickly get an impression of you and your company.

Don’t forget to also create nice cover photos for your highlights. Do that by topic, for example. You can place your stories after creating them neatly under the topic where it belongs.

9. Use product tags

In your posts and your stories, special tags are available for your products. This is ideal for your target group to see information about the product on the online platform itself.

Think of more information about the product itself and its price. If they then click again, they will be redirected directly to your sales page.

With product tags, you ensure more visibility of your product(s) on Instagram. You can apply this in your feed, but you can also use them in your stories. There you can find special product stickers for this purpose.

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10. Interact with live Q & A’s

Online platforms have only one important goal: provide interaction. There are many ways to do that. Think of responding to posts from your target audience, responding to comments on your content and so on.

Have you ever thought about doing a live Q&A or question and answer session? Here you go live on Instagram and give viewers the opportunity to ask you a question.

That video does well on this platform is well known. Live video is totally a good idea: especially to answer questions from your target audience live. Your target audience would like to get to know you (better). Speaking to each other live is perhaps the best way to do that.

The moment you go live, your followers will get a notification of that (if they have that turned on). If they want, they can hook up right away. It’s smart to do your sessions at a set time and always communicate this to your followers on time.

Try it out and be surprised how much fun it is. This way you build a connection with viewers very quickly and personally.

11. Promote your product / service in the right way

How do you promote your product or service on Instagram? What you need to pay attention to is that it is not a boring or predictable way. Make sure it is surprising and eye-catching and suits you well.

The best part is if you yourself are in the picture. Or take a picture of a satisfied customer with your product. Let that customer tell his or her story. This kind of authentic and original content does best.

Also, try to be creative and stand out from your competitors. Take a look at how they present or promote their products, and then choose something you won’t find with them. That way, you stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself from them and make sure your target audience sticks around.

Do the same with your accompanying text. Avoid predictability and go for something refreshing or new that sticks with the reader.

12. Use the right tools to work efficiently on Instagram

Creating content for Instagram and then posting it on this platform can be quite time-consuming. Fortunately, there are several websites and tools that can save you a lot of time and thus help you work on this efficiently.

There are countless options you can use for this. I’m sharing my favorite three with you here.


Canva is my absolute favorite. The basic version of this tool is completely free: you can already do an extraordinary amount with it.

Canva contains countless beautiful and practical templates and templates that you can fully customize. You will also find beautiful professional copyright-free photos.

You can use this tool both on your cell phone and on your computer. I recommend using it on the computer.

Pexels and Pixabay

If you are looking for original and professional photos for your content, I recommend Pexels or Pixabay. Here you will find, among other things, copyright-free photos that you can download and use for your content.


When your content is ready, you’ll want to schedule it quickly and properly. You have the Later tool for that, for example. You can create a free account on Later. In Later, you can indicate in a calendar on which platform you want a particular post published.

You have to link your Instagram account first. After that, you can immediately start scheduling your posts. It works easily and is clear.

Note: Do you want to schedule videos or more than 30 posts per month? That’s only possible in the paid version.

Which tip did you not know yet? Get on it right away and get started. Good luck!

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