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22 Content ideas for appealing Instagram Reels

Do you want to become more visible on Instagram? Then you should definitely take advantage of the hype around videos on social media platforms: Reels. After all, video attracts much more attention than static images. Do you have no idea what to think of as content for your Reels? In this blog, I will share 22 content ideas, some of which don’t even require you to be in the picture yourself. It can really be that easy.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short videos with the following characteristics:
• Length up to 90* seconds,
• With music,
• With special effects.

You can record and edit your Reels directly in the app. In addition, you can also upload an edited video as Reels.

This type of short videos is particularly suitable for you as an entrepreneur because of its organic reach. They appear both in the feed and on the ‘Explore’ page, with the latter in particular quickly increasing the number of interactions and engagement with the video.

Most important tip: capitalize on current trends as much as possible.

If you do something with Reels, it is important to know the current trends and how to respond to them in a targeted manner. This will increase the chance that your Reels go viral. It will enable you to achieve an enormous range in a short period.

This is why you should check Reels regularly so that you know what is trending. See something that suits you or your company? Join the trend by creating your own Reels that tie into it.

Here are my content ideas for Reels. First, I’m sharing a few ideas that don’t necessarily require you to be in the picture yourself. If you’ve never done anything with video content before, this can be a great start.

After those ideas, I’ll share fun content ideas where you’ll be in the videos yourself. Know that the viewer wants to get to know you. So if you don’t mind: appear in the videos as much as possible.


If you’ve never done anything with videos before, it can be a bit scary to put yourself in the video. That’s why I’m going to start with some content ideas that don’t necessarily require you to be on camera.

Start with these ideas, so you can jump into this extremely popular way of sharing content.

1. Create a video of multiple images
You don’t even need to record an actual video to make a Reel. Pick some images that are related to each other or create some screenshots.

Use an online design tool like Canva where you can easily create fun images. Provide your images with text and possibly gifs, for example. You can also record audio.

Anything is possible. You can also animate the images and then save them as an mp4 format. Make sure your video does not exceed 90* seconds in total. You can then easily upload it to your Instagram Reels.

2. Share screen recordings
Do you want to tell people something or teach them about certain software programs? Then it is smart to make use of a screencast. With a screencast you can make a recording of your screen when you show something. When you use a screencast, people can hear your voice; but they won’t see you.

Suppose you are an Instagram expert. You can then explain everything in a video series, for example, how it works, how to do certain things, and sharing useful tips.

Another way is to show news from your field on your screen and tell something about it yourself, for example, your opinion or what effect that news has on your business. Remember to use subtitles: not everyone has their sound turned on when watching Reels.

Prefer not to narrate? You can also share screen recordings with background music. Just make sure you use written text in your video so people know what it’s about.

3. Put your product or service in the video
Of course, you can also show your product or service in your Reel: you don’t have to be in the video yourself. Did you know that people are more likely to buy a product if they have seen it in a video? Take advantage of this when selling physical products.

For example, you can unpack your product (the so-called unboxing) and tell people all about it. You can then share useful tips on how to use it. Your hands will be on camera, but you don’t have to be in the video if you don’t want to.

Show your products in an original and entertaining way. So, don’t use standard pictures of the product on a table. Let your creativity run free. See how you can link certain trends to the video of your product. If necessary, make use of influencers. This can certainly be interesting for Reels.

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4. Share a behind-the-scenes video
To show your audience what a typical day in your life looks like, you can create a video about this. Even with Reels, it’s fun to share a look behind-the-scenes with the people who follow you. Besides being entertaining to watch, it helps people to get to know you better.

This kind of video gives your business more face with which you can expand the bond of trust. You can simply make a video of your workplace or office and tell something about it. You do not have to be in the video (but you can be, of course!).

5. Use the voice-over feature
With every video you post as a Reel you can add a voice-over. This means that you play a video in which you turn down the original sound. Instead, you record your own voice. This sound clip is placed over the original sound.

You can use this for anything: get inspired by others and regularly check out Reels from other entrepreneurs.

6. Share reels in which you interview others
Interviews also perform well in videos. And it’s a perfect way to share interesting knowledge with viewers. Make sure the subject is related to your field, product, or service.

Only your voice will be recorded, so you don’t have to be in the video. Ask the interviewee questions and make a video recording of that person. Always ask permission in advance.

7. Share Reels with tutorials
Tutorial (also called how-to videos) are good content for a Reel. With a tutorial, you explain a process or function of something and make a video of it.

People always like to learn – step-by-step – about things they are interested about. Think about what topics your ideal customer might be interested in.

If you sell products, you can also give tutorials on how to use them, care for them, or tips and tricks to enjoy them even more.

If you sell services, you can also give mini trainings, so people can get to know you and your expertise even better. For example, share do’s and don’ts.

You don’t have to be in the video with this type of content either. Show the object it is about, or use screen recordings or other video material that you show while you talk.

8. Share Reels where you write something down or draw something
Videos where you see someone writing or drawing on a sheet of paper is appearing more regularly. You don’t see the person themselves, only what they are writing or drawing. Often there is an accompanying story. This type of content is becoming increasingly popular.

This is an innovative and appealing way to explain something to your viewers. It seems that this way of conveying information sticks even better. Take advantage of it.

Here’s how you do it: put your camera on a tripod with the camera aimed at your sheet or whiteboard. Start writing or drawing. Make sure you have thought about what you want to share beforehand: 90 seconds is short.

9. Share Reels with before and after shots
If you do something of which you can take appealing before and after shots, then this is an ideal type of content for you. It is interesting for many professions because you can go in all directions. People get a good impression of the quality that you can deliver. You can immediately show what the result will be if they choose you.

You can just use a before and after picture. Make a nice video of this in Canva, and add audio with you giving a verbal explanation.

You can also make a short video recording of the before and after situation. You can speed this up if the recording is longer than 90* seconds. Get started with this and I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon.


Of course, the very best thing is to be in the video yourself. That way, viewers really get to know you personally. Here are 12 content ideas for engaging Reels with you being in the video yourself.

10. Share a Reel in which you introduce yourself
A fun idea is to record a Reel in which you introduce yourself. You can post this as the very first Reel on your account.

Mention your name and share some personal information about yourself (age, location, etc.). Then tell what you do and what products or services you offer. This way, people will get to know you immediately and know what you can do for them.

11. Share a reel in which you tell your audience what to expect from you
Obviously, you want to get a lot of followers. Therefore, it is useful for the viewer to know what you will share in your Reels. Make a list of things you are definitely going to share in your Reels (for example, tips, tutorials and news).

Go to Canva and create a design where you show in text what kind of information you will share. That way, people will know right away if that’s interesting to them and they can decide to follow you.

12. Share Reels with personal stories
Personal stories perform well. Get in front of the camera and record some short videos in which you share one personal story at a time. Make sure it is always related to your company, product, or service.

I’ll give you some examples: tell about the start of your company, about your first customer, how you came up with your product or service, why you like your job too much, what your biggest success was, or share your biggest challenge, etc.

13. Share Reels with curiosity-inducing announcements
Catchy and exciting announcements always make you curious. Are you launching your new product soon? Are you going to expand? Are you going to organize a fun challenge? Do you have a new workshop coming up? Or do you have other special announcements?

Record a Reel in which you already tell something about what’s coming up. Make it as exciting as possible so that the viewer becomes really curious. Maybe you can already show a sneak preview or give a hint in another way in the video.

14. Share Reels with relevant news from your field
There is news every day, and often it can be closely related to your field. Share that news with your followers. You can do that in many ways.

You can summarize the news in a video. Or make a screenshot or photo of the article and share your vision or opinion on it. You can also share a tip that is related to that news.

15. Share Reels in which you promote your giveaway
You can use Reels to bring certain things to the attention of your target audience. Your giveaway is a good example of this. For example, create a series of Reels which are about your giveaway.

Say you give 20 tips for a good night’s sleep in your giveaway. Then make a series of, for example, 5 Reels in which you share one tip from the giveaway in each Reel.

Tell in each Reel that you have a great giveaway with another 19 practical tips to sleep better. Also, mention where they can download it. Share the website in text on your video; so it is visible.

16. Share Reels of your best tips
Show that you are the expert in your field. You can do that in Reels by sharing an important or surprising tip per Reel that really helps your target audience.

Take frequently asked questions as a starting point, for example. Which questions do you get asked often? Make a video of each question and share the question and your answer in the form of a tip.

You can also makes series per theme. Suppose you are a lifestyle coach: think of a series with sleep tips, a series with self-care tips, and a series with nutrition tips.

Keep it to one question per Reel because you only have 90* seconds. Keep it short, catchy, and concise. Share only valuable tips. Don’t forget the texts and/or textual explanation for those who have the sound off.

17. Share Reels in which you debunk myths from your field
Myths and debunking them always do well. Every field has its own myths. Myths are a great entry point for creating appealing Reels to reach your target audience.

Name the myth and name where it came from (if you know). Then debunk the myth by sharing facts, figures, studies, or other information that proves otherwise. If you can collect enough myths about your field, you can also make a series of them.

18. Share Reels about your best-selling product
As I mentioned earlier: you can also promote your service or product in a Reel. Promote you best-selling product or service. It is important that you do not make it a boring story. Think of an appealing and striking way to stand out.

The trends at Reels are ideal for this. Look at what is trending in terms of subject, video editing, or music. Think about how you can incorporate something of this into your Reel. For example, let a satisfied customer talk about it briefly or make a nice video of your product in action.

Get inspired by others and record some videos to get the hang of it.

19. Share Reels with personal messages
Record a playful Reel to wish your viewers a nice weekend, a good holiday, happy Easter, a beautiful Mother’s Day, a wonderful summer, and so on.
Keep it purely to that message and make a nice video. You can use any occasion that suits you.

By addressing the viewer personally, you build a bond of trust and people will feel seen and appreciated.

20. Share Reels to thank your viewers
In addition to speaking to your viewers in person from time to time, you can also thank them for watching your videos in a personal Reel.

This is greatly appreciated, so include such a video a few times a year. Keep it simple. Just say thank you. For each Reel, thank a specific audience.

Think about your followers, your customers, your viewers, and so on.

21. Share Reels with great reviews
Reels are also perfect for including reviews and testimonials. There are several ways to do this. You can let a customer speak. You can display a written review as an image and, for example, read it out loud in the video.

Record a number of videos. Post such a Reel once in a while. Don’t forget to ask new customers for a review as well. This way, you always have new review-content.

22. Share Reels with funny bloopers
With videos come bloopers. Bloopers from your recordings are also fun to share via a Reel from time to time. This kind of content makes you human, and that strengthens your connection with the viewer.

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