Everything you need to know about Facebook Reels

Everything you need to know about Facebook Reels

While TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts have been around for a while, Facebook has now also launched short videos called Reels. With Reels, you can really boost your business: because videos are very popular on social media platforms. In this blog, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Facebook Reels and how to use them.

1. What are reels?

Facebook promotes Reels as “fun and short videos consisting of music, audio, AR effects, text overlays and more” that users can easily create with their phones.

Reels can be compared best to the well-known short TikTok videos. They are short video clips that you can edit with sound effects or background music to create fun and entertaining clips. A while ago, Instagram already introduced Reels, which have become very popular. Reels also offer interesting possibilities for entrepreneurs.

Facebook Reels appear in your feed, in group pages, and under the Watch tab. Users who view the Reels have the option of following, liking and commenting on or sharing the Reels with their friends.

The great thing is that it has recently become possible to share your Instagram Reels on Facebook easily. However, this option has not yet become available globally. If you don’t see it listed within the options of Reels, it unfortunately is not yet available for you right now.

2. Where do you find the Facebook Reels?

The focus of both Facebook and Instagram is on having more videos and especially more Reels. In the US, users already see Facebook Reels pop up in their news feed.

At the moment, the Facebook Reels still have their own spot in the news feed in many countries. Here you can see the suggested Reels in a feed for these vertical videos. As soon as users click on a Reel, they are directed to a feed which also shows the next video.

Users can discover Reels based on their wishes and interests. As an entrepreneur, capitalize on this by creating Reels about subjects your target audience searches for specifically. Make sure to choose themes that really appeal to them.

3. Who can view your Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels are set as public to anyone over 18 by default. You can change the settings and specify the desired audience to whom you want to show it for every Reel.

For example, you can show your Reel only to your followers or make it public so that everyone can discover your Reel. The last option is the most interesting for you as an entrepreneur. The more potential viewer, the better.

4. How can you use Reels as an entrepreneur?

You may have already come across several Reels on Facebook. Some businesses already use these popular short videos to attract attention and reach potential customers.

In a Reel, you can really do all kinds of things. For example, share your expertise in the form of short tips. Keep it interesting and simple, and deliver it in an attractive way. This way, your Reel will appeal to your target audience as much as possible.

Another nice feature is the ‘voice over’ feature that allows you to comment on your own video: this is every useful if you want to explain something. It is also possible to respond to Reels with your own video: this is called a remix.

Finally, Facebook is also testing a shopping feature in Reels. This will allows companies to place their products in a Reels so that users can learn more about them, save them or buy them directly while viewing the Reel when clicking on a special button.

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Because this feature is still relatively new on Facebook, it is not yet clear what works well and what doesn’t. The future will tell. If you already post Instagram Reels on a regular basis, perhaps choose to post your most popular Reels on Facebook as well.

5. When are Facebook Reels interesting for you?

Reels on Facebook can be an interesting option if you want to appeal to an older target group and make yourself stand out. Make sure the content appeals to your target group and that it is presented in a way they like: this can take some time to find out.

The audience on Facebook is a lot older than the audience on TikTok on average. If your target audience consists mainly of people to 29 years old, it is smart to use TikTok. However, if your target audience is older than 29 years old, Facebook Reels are certainly a promising option to reach your ideal customer through short videos.

6. What can I edit in the Facebook Reel app?

Facebook currently has several in-app tools for creating Reels. I’ll list the most important features for you. You can:

  • Record videos with a countdown timer.
  • Create video clips with up to 30 seconds of footage via the Reels camera.
  • Merge multiple clips into one Reel by recording or selecting them from your gallery.
  • Change the speed of the video.
  • Use different AR effects.
  • Add music from your Facebook music library.
  • Create a Reel using audio from other public Reels.

7. Use Facebook Reels for additional reach of your Instagram Reels

As mentioned earlier, you can also share your Instagram Reels on your Facebook profile. This will give your created Reels more reach to a more diverse audience. This is already used extensively.

It is a small effort to share your Instagram Reel on Facebook (if you already have the functionality). If you share Instagram Reel on Facebook, you can also see the statistics of this Reel.

8. Use Facebook Reels in targeted Facebook groups

This can be very interesting for entrepreneurs with Facebook groups: you can also post your Reels in a group and target the right people. As the administrator, you can do all sorts of fun and interesting things with Reels for your potential customers and share them only in your group.

This way, you give your group even more value, and it will become increasingly interesting for people to join your group.

But the members of your group can also post Reels themselves. These will only be visible in that group. The advantage is that the group members all have similar interests. So, this form of interaction is innovative and fun.

Reels can give Facebook groups more value because you do not have to rely on an algorithm but can publish your Reels specifically where your target group is.

Please note that this feature is not yet available in every country.

9. Make money with Reels

Did you know that Facebook even offers the possibility to make money with Reels? This is done through a new bonus program that Facebook currently only offers in the US by invitation. The intention is to make this available worldwide.

With this program, creators receive money when users view their Reels. This bonus is paid out based on the performance of the Reels and is available on both Facebook and Instagram. With this, Facebook wants to stimulate further the use of Reels.

10. Advertising opportunities in Reels

Finally, two advertising opportunities in Reels are being worked on also. Specifically, they are working on small banners and sticker ads.

These are currently only active in a few countries. It is expected that this will be rolled out further worldwide.

11. How to create a Facebook Reel

Now that you know what you can do with Facebook Reels, you might want to get started right away. It’s actually pretty simple:

  1. At the top of your Facebook news feed, you can switch from stories to Reels. There you can browse through all the recently shared Reels. Here you will also find the option to create your own Reel. Tap that option and give Facebook access to your camera and microphone.
  2. You can use the photo icon (bottom left) to add previously taken photos as videos to your Reel. Or you can make a new recording by clicking on the record button. By tapping that button, you can create a new video.
  3. There we have several options. At the top, you can add music. You can search by title or select by genre. You can also change the speed of your video. In addition, you can add effects to your video.
  4. You can also set the countdown timer that allows you to start recording after 3 to 10 seconds. The desired duration of your recording can – if desired – be preset. You can also set a green screen background with one of the available options or with an item from your camera roll. Note: your video must be at least 3 seconds long before you can go to the next screen.
  5. Are you completely satisfied with your video? Then click ‘Next’. On this screen, you can still change effects or music. This is also the place where you can add text to your video. Don’t do this until your entire video is finished and doesn’t need further editing. You can also add stickers, gifs, or emojis.
  6. Is your Facebook Reel ready to be posted? Then click ‘Next’.
  7. If you post the Reel from your personal account, you can also set who can see your Reel. You can choose from public, friends, or friends except. From there, you can enter your desired text and share your Reel. Note: this feature is not yet available in every country.
  8. If you want to create your Reel from your Facebook business page, go to your business page in the Facebook app. Scroll under the ‘Create Post’ heading and tap where it says ‘Reel’. From there, follow the steps mentioned above.

Get started with reels to increase your reach and visibility. Good luck!

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