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13 Do’s and don’ts for a successful business Facebook page

Do you already have a Facebook business page? That’s a real necessity these days for the visibility of your business. And if you have one, when was the last time you did a check-up to see if everything is still up to date? What else can you do (or improve) to make your Facebook business page successful?

In this blog, I will share some important dos and don’ts with you that contribute to a successful business page with a professional look.

1. Don’t: use your logo as a profile picture

The image on your Facebook profile is small. Make sure you have a clear portrait there. Do not choose your logo, but a picture of yourself. Preferably one that you also use on other social media.

After all, people do business with people. This way you are working extra on your recognizability. Visitors can then recognize at a glance who it is.

2. Do: create an appealing cover photo

Of course, “appealing” is a relative term. But when it comes to your business Facebook page, you have to keep a few things in mind. Think about the size of your cover photo and the quality of the photo.

You can use your cover photo for all sorts of things. See your cover photo as a shop window where you can always post something different. Strengthen your branding, use text on the image to convey your mission, promote offers, upcoming events, or giveaways.

Create your cover photo in Canva, for example. With that, you can create great professional designs.

Ninja tip: it is smart to choose a picture where people are standing. That is very appealing. Preferably pick a photo of yourself.

3. Don’t: an incomplete info section

On your Facebook business page, there is a section called ‘Info’. Did you know that this is often the first thing people look at when they want to learn more about your business? A successful Facebook business page needs to fill out the entire profile as much as possible. The information section is the part of your Facebook page where you describe your business in as much detail and accuracy as possible.

In this place, you get every chance to tell a lot about yourself or your business. Tell your story here: your potential customer will be triggered by it. Do not forget the links to your website, blog, other social media channels, and your products. Fill everything in and, don’t skip anything.

4. Do: Write SEO-Focused Texts

Relevant keywords in your texts ensure that your Facebook business page ranks higher in the search engine results lists. As a result, you will be better found by your potential customers.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You must have words in the text where your ideal customer searches. For your website, you have probably already taken this into account. It is also important for your Facebook page to include as many search terms of your ideal customer as possible. Make sure it remains a catchy and appealing text.

Try to include as many keywords as possible in the texts on your Facebook business profile. Make sure the texts are short and catchy. It will give your target audience a clear impression of what your business stands for.

5. Don’t: not including a link in your cover description

I see it more often: cover photos in which no link in the description. That is a missed opportunity. The description is the place people see when they click on your cover photo. How nice would it be if they could click through to your website?

You can also choose to place a link to an offer, to your latest product, or a landing page with your listings. If you do not have a link here yet, make sure you add one right away.

6. Do: include a link at the top of your post

A Facebook post can be as long as you like. If you also want to place a link in your text, make sure you place the link quite far up in the text.

Preferably do this somewhere in the first four lines. After that, the text will cut off somewhere. It is a shame if your link is not visible. People first have to click on the ‘Show more’ button before they can see your link.

7. Don’t: not responding to comments, remarks, or criticism

Facebook is a social platform. Everything revolves around interaction. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to stay in touch with their fans. Many entrepreneurs are sometimes tempted to just send, but with only sending you will not get there. It is important to start the conversation.

Make sure your fans always get a response from you. If someone posts something to your post, respond to it. Thank the person, give a compliment or add some extra information. As long as a response from you follows.

The same applies if you receive an unexpected comment or criticism; or maybe even a complaint. Think carefully about what you want to communicate. For example, write this down for yourself first. If it makes sense to you, place it under the relevant comment. After all, it is important to always respond quickly, at least within 24 hours.

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8. Do: create a content plan

As part of your Facebook marketing strategy, you should think about how often, when, and what you post. To what extent do you plan your Facebook posts and create content for them?

I understand that you are busy and, this is probably not at the top of your priority list. That is a shame. By having a structural presence on Facebook and posting regularly, you work on your reliability and visibility.

For example, it works well to work on your content at a fixed time. You can do that, for example, with Canva. Canva allows you to create beautiful professional images. By working on this structurally at the beginning of the week. You will have almost no worries for the rest of the week.

9. Don’t: not posting on the weekend

Being active on Facebook as an entrepreneur does not stop on the weekend. If you want to get serious about Facebook, you will have to post something at least once every day. So do not make the mistake of not posting on the weekend.

Make sure you have fun and appealing posts on the weekend ass well. Your ideal customer might be on Facebook during the weekend. With this, you also work extra on your visibility and reliability.

10. Do: change the Facebook URL of your profile

When you create your Page, Facebook automatically assigns a number to your URL. Because this number is not recognizable, I recommend that you replace it with an appropriate name. After all, a unique Facebook web address ensures better findability.

In the Page Info, you can change your username and the URL of your Facebook page under “General – Username”. It then becomes, for example, http://www.facebook.com/jourcompany. Note: Think carefully about this URL you can only change it once.

If a specific name is not allowed because it is already taken, be creative. Put, for example, ‘com’ behind it. Example: http://www.facebook.com/jouwbedrijfcom. Or add the city name or another word. Example: http://www.facebook.com/yourcompanychicago

11. Don’t: not sharing anything personal

You probably already post a picture here and there that relates to your business. It is okay to do that more often. People like to know what you are doing. So, give them a look behind the scenes.

Suppose you are preparing a new product of new service. Do not wait until it is ready. No … take the followers along in your process from the beginning.

Suppose you design jewelry. Show not only the final product but, for example, also a picture of you at the wholesaler, while you have everything ready on the table. Or when the jewelry is half-finished. You can also take a picture of specific beads and say something about them.

Another example. Are you going to give a workshop? Take a picture of the location where you are going to give it. Put your teaching materials in the photo, or yourself behind the laptop while you are putting the workshop together. Be creative and think about the behind-the-scenes photos you can share: anything is possible.

12. Do: make posts with added value

I mentioned earlier that it is important to post at least once every day. Now it is the case that people are flooded with posts on Facebook. Their eye probably only falls on what they find interesting or important.

Therefore, make sure that you share relevant and interesting content for your ideal target audience in your Facebook posts. This can be anything. It is important to vary this. One day a quote, the next day a tip, or the next day a look behind the scenes photo.

See to it that you inspire people, teach them things, and show them that you are the expert. You can also promote products and services, but only to a limited extent. After all, a fun contest always does well.

13. Don’t: not using a spell checker

Typing mistakes are easily made, especially in online texts, since you often write them in between. Also, these texts must be written without errors, especially the text in the info section.

After all, it is important to use the spelling checker for every text, no matter how short your message is.

Run your business Facebook page through these dos and don’ts. Adjust things and ensure a professional look and more visibility. Good luck!

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