10 Facebook marketing mistakes that will cost you customers

10 Facebook marketing mistakes that will cost you customers

Working on your Facebook marketing often takes up a lot of your valuable time. And often it does not even lead to the desired result … What a shame! In this blog, I’m sharing 10 of the most common Facebook marketing mistakes. So you will not make those mistakes (anymore) in the future. It will give you better results, and it will even save you some time. Go through the 10 mistakes right away and use them to your advantage.

1. Being impersonal

Social media are ideal for giving a company a face, to make everything more personal. As a business owner, you don’t use social media just for advertising or sharing information. The name says it all: social media should feel social and give a sense of belonging and connection – a sense of community.

So give people a peek into your “personal kitchen: who you are, what you do, why you do it and where you do it. Many entrepreneurs are not yet using Facebook in this way. Their posts are impersonal and businesslike: that does not appeal to visitors. In this way, they quickly disappear from your profile. That is such a shame. Through a personal approach you connect with the reader. And that’s what it’s all about: connecting.

Be authentic. Make sure you are especially visible on social media. And that your followers and fans get to know you and want to connect with you. How do you do that? I’ll give you some practical tips.

  • Give people a look behind the scenes. For example, make a short video of the preparation of your workshop.
  • Do small surveys. Find out what your target group needs. Ask questions.
  • Share your mission with your followers.

2. Advertising too much

With this tip, I’ll pick up on tip number 1. People think that Facebook is one big advertising pillar. This is the most common mistake. From now on you will never make this mistake again.

How? That’s simple: don’t just post (something about) your actions, offers and products/services. But make sure your posts are perceived as valuable. As interesting information that really helps the readers.  That way they will want to keep following you.

The 20-80 rule works best. By this, I mean that 80% of your content should be valuable and interesting to your target audience. Think of sharing practical tips or giving beautiful insights. Every now and then something funny is also possible. And do not forget your personal content (see tip 1). The remaining 20% may consist of offers, promotions and other advertising for your business.  Make sure you offer these in a personal way. So not just a nice image with “Special Offer” on it. Make it something personal: be creative. In this way, the message will reach your target group better and will linger longer.

If you share knowledge, keep one thing in mind: Share your knowledge on basic issues. Going into too much depth in a social media post is a quick way to lose followers.

3. Not being social

I’ve said it before (and I’ll continue to insist on it): social media should feel social and provide a sense of belonging and connection.  That means you have to engage.

Engage in interaction. An example: if someone comments on your post, like it and make a nice comment. Another way is to join Facebook groups. Choose groups where your target group is mainly found.

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See what kind of questions are asked and respond: give people your tips and advice. This way they will see you as an expert. Make sure that your reactions are never commercial. Never promote your own products / services in a group. Often it is not allowed. Only give valuable information and practical tips that they can use.

4. Responding (too) late

Do you receive reactions to your post? Then it’s important to respond to them as quickly as possible. From now on you respond to every question, every comment as soon as it is convenient for you. Respond quickly to everything that comes in. Really try to make this a habit. This builds trust with people and you connect with them more and more. That’s exactly what you want.

In addition, pages with a lot of fast interaction on Facebook are ranked better. In this way you work extra on your visibility.

5. Using poor quality photos and videos

Maybe you are not immediately aware of it. And you are under the impression that the quality of your images is only very important on Pinterest and Instagram. But the visual quality of your posts is also very important on Facebook. Because your Facebook business page is your shop window and everything you post should meet certain requirements. For videos, make sure you have good lighting and sound.

And what about your cover photo on your business profile? This also has to meet certain requirements for a professional look.

Check your posts and delete those that are of poor quality. Are they relevant? Then recreate them with good quality photos or a video.

6. Sharing your blog article only 1 time

Yes, you can share your blog article more than once. I even advise you to do that. Because with each post you are appealing to different people. How do you do that?

Suppose you have a blog where you share 5 tips. You can create a different post for each tip. You hook into each tip with a matching image and text. When you’re done, you’ll have 5 posts with a different angle. That appeals to a lot more people than 1 post that your new blog is online.

It doesn’t have to be just an image. You can also make 5 short videos where you briefly explain each tip. Or you can combine images with video posts. Anything goes.

And the posts you created for a specific blog, you can repost after a few months. There are plenty of people who didn’t see your posts the first time around. In that case, do check if the topic and content are still current.

7. Posting too much / too little

People very often ask me the following question: ‘Do you have to post every day?’ My answer is, “Yes and no. I know that doesn’t answer your question. I do think that every Facebook post of yours should have a purpose. So don’t haphazardly post something every day that may not be relevant. Quality comes before quantity. Every post should have some added value for your target audience. Or they should be inspiring in some way: think of a quote. It is smart to post at least 1 post every day.

Have guts and try things out. Because only then can you stand out and stand out. I can imagine that you can’t think of a topic to post about every day. A social media content calendar can help.

8. Not adding a call to action in your post

A call to action (= CTA) aims to get the reader to take a certain action. It is a message or a button with a text on it, where the visitor must click. Where he so to speak can not ignore. But neither can you! The Call To Action is very important. It’s the way to get customers.

What do you want your fans to do? They didn’t like you to passively read your posts. They want to do something. Because people like to actively do something on Facebook. That’s why they’re on Facebook. Therefore, put a “call to action” in your posts as often as possible. You can do this in different ways:

  • ‘Click on the link’
  • Click on the image to …’
  • Tell us in a comment …………….
  • ‘Ask your question in a comment …’

Check your posts from the last two weeks. How many times did they contain a CTA? From now on, add one in every post. You’ll see that it will generate a lot of reactions. This is how you actively work on your visibility.

9. Not adding a call to action button below your cover photo

You won’t forget the call to action in your posts anymore. But did you know it should also be on your cover photo? You can easily create such a button on your cover photo.

If you already have one, now there are even more possibilities in terms of button choices. Previously, the types of buttons were somewhat limited. Now there are more, so check if there is one that suits you better.

If you don’t have a CTA button on your cover photo yet, follow these instructions. If you click on this button and then click on ‘Create a trigger for action’, you can choose what kind of button you want.

For example, redirect them to your contact form or newsletter sign-up page.

10. Posting at the wrong times

You can very diligently post something every day with little result. Check for yourself whether you post the messages at the wrong time. Because that is quite possible.

The next step is to find out what would be a better time. What is the best time to post your message on Facebook so that it is seen by as many potential customers as possible? The fact is that this is different for each company, each target group and even for each page.

Did you know you can find this out easily and quickly? Just look in the statistics of your page at “posts”.

Do you see that? My “people” are often Facebooking in the evening. Check your time when your people are online and start posting at those times immediately.

So which of these mistakes did you catch yourself making? 😉 With this checklist you will definitely avoid these mistakes in the future. This way, you’ll have a Facebook marketing that is more effective and less time consuming. Good luck!

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