Learn how to create amazing designs with Canva

Have you ever created images for your social media and your website, however you are far from satisfied with the results?

You see everyone’s amazing images, how do they do it? Yours don’t look nearly as good.

Anyone can create images, but creating real professional designs requires more knowledge and skills.

Not only for your social media, but also your website visuals and images for your course and newsletters should look professional.

Learn how to create amazing designs with Canva

Have you ever created images for your social media and your website, however you are far from satisfied with the results?

You see everyone’s amazing images, how do they do it? Yours don’t look nearly as good.

Anyone can create images, but creating real professional designs requires more knowledge and skills.

Not only for your social media, but also your website visuals and images for your course and newsletters should look professional.

You, too, are creative and can create the most beautiful designs with the right tool and my help

Do you feel like you spend way too much time on social media images and visuals for your website and newsletter?

You spend hours ‘tinkering’ and you’re still not satisfied.

Your images don’t reflect who you are and what you mean to say.

You see beautiful graphic designs everywhere. You should be able to do that too, right?

Because for an expensive designer there’s no budget.

Don’t understand anything about Photoshop? No need to!

You think you’re not creative at all?

You see beautiful images at the competitor, they probably have an expensive designer….

Photoshop is too expensive and besides, you really don’t understand a thing about it. Not even after reading ‘Photoshop for Dummies’.

It takes way too much time to figure it all out

Join “In 30 Days a Canva Star” and create the most beautiful images in Canva. It will look like you hired an expensive designer.

What is Canva?


Canva is the best, most affordable and inspiring online tool for all your designs


Canva has a genius drag-and-drop feature


You’ll be inspired to consistently design beautiful graphics by professional layouts


It is online software, so you don’t have to install anything and it always works


Canva works on a PC and on a Mac


Exclusive access to 400,000 free photos, illustrations, icons and templates


Create social media images, e-books, workbooks, animations and even video


Also use your own images, logos, house colors and fonts

What do you get when you participate in ‘In 30 Days a Canva Star’?


Create social media images that your audience is excited about


Showcase your products and services using attractive images


Save time with templates, techniques and systems


Create a recognizable brand that demonstrates your authority


All lessons can be created in the free version of Canva


Access to 400,000 free photos, illustrations, icons and templates


Create all kinds of images, e-books, e-book covers, animations and even video


Fantastic tricks and hacks


“Getting Started with Canva” class and unlimited help desk where you can ask questions about the classes

I’ll teach you how!


If you have mastered Canva, then you no longer need expensive design programs. You don’t need to hire a designer, because you create all your images all by yourself. You can experiment endlessly on your computer or your phone.


Canva is free! You can make all lessons and assignments in the free version of Canva


You can easily translate your corporate identity and mission into your own, original designs


You don’t create ‘thirteen-in-a-dozen’ images. You’ll be inspired to put your own original spin and style to them


You’re doing some great creative work. It really makes you happy!  laughing


Also suitable for you if you have absolutely no experience with ‘designing’.


Free 1GB storage for designs and photos


Caution! High addictive content I warned you!smile

I’ve really been loving how you have broken it into bite size pieces that we can learn a little bit every day! It makes it manageable and fun ! Thank you…

Kasandra Ann Mathieson

Hartwick & Co

These bonuses are also for you:


Extra Lesson ‘Getting Started in Canva’


Unlimited access to personal help desk where you can ask questions about the lessons


You can do the lessons at your own pace and also get support after the 30 days


Bonus ebook ’17 things you didn’t know you could do in Canva’


Bonus lesson: Why you may want to purchase Canva Pro (30 day trial version)


Bonus 3: After the 30 days, you’ll receive educational and challenging challenges in the group that will continue to stimulate your creativity and inspire you.

Did you know you can also use Canva to create business cards, e-books, banners, blog images, infographics, flyers, planners, cover photos and quote images?

The beginner level of the 30 days a Canva Star was great! The lessons were easy to understand and implementing was interesting. I just finished it and I’m going to move on to the intermediate level.

Jo-Jean Imoh-ita

Relationship And Marriage Coach

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve thought “I’m so glad I’ve done this course” and today I’m thinking it again 😊
I’ve just updated my business website. I’m really happy with it and only 2 months ago I wouldn’t have had the knowledge to create it. So happy! 😁
Anne Rasmussen

DFY Social Media Posting Service

Can’t believe all the cool stuff in both courses! Not to mention all the content I’ve managed to create just as part of the class.

Carolyn Lampman Brubaker

I am on day 6, I learn something new every lesson!

Nellie Evans

This course is the best thing I could have done. One year ago I could not have imagined having the skills I now take for granted using Canva. Thank you so much Anne 🙏💖

Alison Davis

Transformational Feminine Power Leader, Facilitator, and Coach

The explanations are written in a Canva file, very much step by step. I did the course a while back and it really helped work better with Canva, and also sparked my creativity.

Suzanne Bakker

Changing Tides

It’s a terrific course. I’ve upped my Canva skills considerably. And what I have been able to create on Canva is ideal for marketing my business. I would recommend this course to anyone, for personal creative purposes or for stand out professional designs.

Denise Lampron

The Art of Mindful Aging

I just finished this course and it was really good. I already knew a lot about Canva but I did learn a few new things that will be really helpful!

Kimberly Roe Meyer

Heart Felt Homes By Kim

Loving the course. I’ve been using Canva for years but am learning things I did not know about even in the first few lessons.

Jennifer Knowles

Just Go Sell

What a blessing, this 30 Days A Canva Star. Navigating it at first was a challenge but I persevered & finished the 30 days. I now can create posts, posters & ads with much ease. Thank you. Now I’m ready to be a rock star.

Emma C. Reyes-Pante

I knew Canva before this course, BUT I have learned so much new tips and tricks! So big recommendations for this! Can’t get enough of Canva. I’m completely fell in love! 🙏🏻❤️

Marianne Ketelimäki

I enjoyed this course so much, thanks a lot for it. You know, I have tried before to do another course for graphic designers, but when they came to the area when we needed to do photoshop and other designer stuff like Indesign etc I was totally lost. With this Canva course I completely feel in control.

Marie Grobbelaar

Eastern Province, South-Africa

30 Days a Canva Star is an excellent course for anyone interested in doing anything with Canva! Whether you’re a novice, like I was, or have already started learning on your own and need something to fill in the gaps, this course is literally the best I’ve used. Instructions are clear and concise.  Coursework is easy to follow.  Canva can become so overwhelming very quickly, but while taking this course I was never overwhelmed. I finished this course feeling confident in my ability and am already using it for my business. I highly recommend it to anyone who has been looking for a course that will successfully guide them in the use of Canva!

Dee Cucinotta

Vibrant Vistas Travel

I always thought I knew how to use the program Canva. 
But after a few lessons in “Canva Kei” I don’t dare say that anymore.
The program has many possibilities. It is also very addictive. 🙂

Willemien van de Wouw

WiWo HR Advies en Arbeidsmediation

The training ‘In 30 days a Canva Star’ is as much fun as it sounds. I was already a user of Canva and was not dissatisfied with my creations, but what I learned in this training over the past few days surpasses everything. Clearly explained, immediately applicable and beautiful, professional results. Highly recommended!

Inge van der Borght


‘In 30 Days a Canva Star’ is so much fun and educational! I am half way through, but have already learned a lot and look forward to the next half.


Manya Kroon


Always very clear and practical information and tips. No difficult stuff, no fussing about details, but really doing things that work. Very enjoyable.

Charlotte Meindersma

Charlotte's Law

Yes, you managed to surprise me again, Anne! I thought I knew Canva very well after all these years, but it turns out there is still much more to discover. I think that it is precisely when you use a program a lot that you are sometimes “blind” to the developments it goes through over time. Seems handy to me to make my brochures with Canva. A lot faster than Publisher, which I always do now.

Suzanne Verbeek


I am enjoying the course: In 30 days a Canva  Star! Great!!! You learn in small steps how everything works. Perfectly tailored to me and doable at your own pace. Super instructive, fun and very inspiring. Anne, you are a rockstar!!!

Bianca de Heer

B-Social Media Marketing

I am super satisfied with the Canva course. It’s also great that it’s a 30-day course, which you can still do at your own pace.
The group is also very inspiring. My best purchase of the year!
Chantal Roobrouck

Salesprofessional, Salesready

You will be totally happy with this course! Think you can’t do this? Well, you can! Small manageable classes, so there is plenty of time to experiment too.

Roos Hagdoorn

SAMS Mode en Accessoires

Let’s get started together. It will only take you half an hour a day to become a genius at Canva

So glad I chose the 30 day Canva Star! I can’t get enough of it and I’m still discovering new designs, templates, photos and lots of great ideas for my social media posts!

I am working on it every day! The explanation Anne gives is clear and so easy, everyone should do the course!

Top notch!

Nienke Paulissen

Daily Sense

I have taken the course “In 30 days a Canva Star” and am super excited!😍 It is explained very clearly and you can just finish the course at your own pace.
It starts simple and is built up as such.
You can ask your questions and problems in the group and you get a lot of ideas and tips.
Canva has become a (fine) addiction by now.
Thanks Anne, I hope to learn more from you in the future.😉
Hilde Diels


Super convenient that Canva itself already has lots of photos; that saves a lot of searching.

Mariska Booda

Woord en Zin

Super fun to do. I already knew Canva but now the intricacies.

Sija Dupré

Werkstresscoach in de Zorg

Very informative course! Even though I’ve been working with Canva for some time, I still learned a lot, and I’m only just over halfway through!

Els Jacobs

Ginger Studio

Really learned a lot in the past lessons despite the fact that I have been working with Canva for some time. I am really very happy with lesson 15, Anne! 

Marijke Fokker-Coert

Coert Coaching & Advies

It’s the first thing I do in the morning, as soon as I grab a cup of coffee: check out the Canva class. So much fun!


Petra van Straaten

In het Oog Vastgoedstyling

Am already quite proficient in Canva, but today I really learned some very fine new things! And also nice that the lessons are IN Canva, so you can do the exercise right away. Genius!

Angelique Desiree


Who is Anne Raaymakers?

Anne Raaymakers

I’m marketeer and trainer, originally from The Netherlands, and author of the bestseller “I like!”
People call me the Facebook Queen, although I always have to blush a little at that name myself. But I am a leading Marketing Expert for freelancers and SMEs al over the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the lessons in English?

Yes! All classes are in English and the support staff is also in English.

Do I need to purchase the paid version of Canva?

No need. You can do all lessons in the free version of Canva

Am I tied to anything?

Your investment is a one-time fee and there are no recurring costs

Do I have lifetime access to the course?

Once you purchase the course, you will have lifetime access to it. This means you can revisit the course materials anytime and as often as you wish. Moreover, the course is designed to be self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own time and rhythm, fitting conveniently into your schedule. I also regularly update the course, ensuring you always have access to the latest information and strategies.

I have absolutely no understanding of design and such. Is this something for me?

I teach you step by step from the beginning everything you need to know and you’ll be surprised how quickly you become proficient at it.

Can I ask questions about the classes?

Of course! In the exclusive Facebook group, you may ask questions, submit your assignment (not required) and ask for feedback